I  started playing music in the days of the English Invasion, loving the Beatles and all who followed.

that’s me up on the left in my first studio setup. If you listen closely you can still hear my father yelling

“What the hell are you doing now?”.......I still don’t know.

I toured with "Uncle Bernies Band",  fondly remembered because what the Grateful Dead were to LSD,

we were to were to beer. So our shows were always well attended if not well remembered.

                                                                                           ( By the way, you are listening to  “lonely like a dog" )

the band dis-assembled, literally, and in search of reliable income (food), I became an audio engineer,

serving time on Broadway and eventually, the BAM opera house.

After spending a considerable part of the last two centuries behind the console,

I’ve  decided to return to the other side of the mic.  This site celebrates that journey......

You'll find songs I have written over the years, along with my latest compositons for film and TV

I hope they make you smile and tap your tiny little feets... enjoy

oh, and Bad videos are just that..all are shot with a $200 budget, and when the money's gone, the project's complete

even if it all went on snacks...its the cinematic equivalent of lo fi...and not half bad... check em out ...I dare ya!

In closing, let me say that it is by embracing the horrific, yet politically correct belief

that everyone can write, sing, and play,  and that we are all bloody TV stars,

that I add these tunes to the hefty hunk of steamin‘ junk that the internet loves to support.

ABOUT....me carl wurzbach


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